Thursday, 10 February 2011

Fairy Toadstool Cakes!

This morning I thought I would turn my very inexperienced baking hands to making some toadstool fairy cakes. It was very messy - but I have to confess, a lot easier with one little Bobbin - the other was at nursery. Also slightly perturbed at the amount of red food colouring I needed to add to get anywhere near close to a "toadstool" red - think there may be a few bouncing kids around here this afternoon!! I need to work on getting the icing consistency just right, but hey, they taste good! 

I best go clean up now!



Deer Little Fawn said...

They look AMAZING!! Well done! Wow, if I were a kid and came home to those I'd be insanely exited! ..actually scrap the kid bit, I'd be exited now if I came home to those!! :)

Sarah said...

Wow, yummy - almost too good to eat!

Jenny said...

these look fab! I've been baking today too - icing biscuits - I bought red food gel on ebay specifically for it to get a really deep shade of red, you only need a couple of drops, as opposed to a whole bottle of normal food colouring, haha! will be posting pics on my blog tomorrow if you want to see the colour it gives x

daisy daydreams said...

Amanda, they are just super fab. Charlie has asked for a Mario birthday party (in May), these would be perfect, might nick your idea. I promise to post my wonderful prize this weekend, but we have had news about Charlies health and it has put my blogging on hold. Hugs Amanda....x

Bella Bobbin said...

Thanks all! Jenny - have signed up to your blog so will check out your biscuits today - definitely think the food gel sounds like a better plan! Amanda - they were so easy to make, they would be perfect for a Mario party! I hope Charlie is ok, don't even worry yourself about the blog post, the health of your little ones is far, far more important! A big bobbin bear hug to you all...xx

dottycookie said...

Just brilliant. I have a real thing for toadstools - must add these to my "to bake" list. Can you imagine them for a fairy party?!

Lesley said...

those are adorable. they would be perfect at a little tea party. cupcakes are always a crowd pleaser, i've even found a few good vegan recipes for my non dairy friends!

great blog!

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