Saturday, 27 August 2011


Last weekend the entire Bella Bobbin Brigade took a trip away to West Wittering for a long weekend camping. We had a brilliant time, truly blessed with some lovely weather and 4 children who thoroughly enjoyed the freedom of running around like lunatics! 

West Wittering beach is a glorious patch of sand (patch is abit of an understatement - it stretches for miles!) with 156 lovely beach-huts running along the back by the sand dunes. Parking charges were slightly eyebrow raising (Mr Bobbin, a bean counter by trade, spent most of the day mumbling about daylight robbery!).

Here are some snaps from our weekend:

Camp Bella Bobbin!

Feeding time at the Zoo!

All the gang together! Except me, who is behind the camera!
The Bella Bobbin Sandcastle - it was a team affair!
Beautiful Blue Skies - and a Very Happy Bella!

Quite sad to be home now, though we do have lots of lovely new creations to show you inspired by our time away!

Thursday, 18 August 2011

We are still here!

It's been a while - I know!! School holidays are keeping both myself and Sarah very busy (and not at all close to loosing the plot!?*!) 

We are all off Camping together in Sussex tomorrow, I shall take my trusty camera with me and share the snaps when I return. I am hoping that I can sneak some bunting up onto the tent this time (Mr Bobbin put his foot down last time - but I'm not going to let a minor thing like that get in my way!!) 

Crafting has had to take a bit of a back-seat the last few months for me, the girls are growing fast and I'm concious of making the most of the time they will be a home with me. My eldest is starting school in September - can't believe how quickly the time has flown! Any tips for keeping it together on the 1st day of school?!? 

Sarah on the other hand has been super organised and has been busy crafting away, making some lovely items that I hope to be able to show to you soon. 

Bella Bobbin is still ticking along, albeit in a slightly lower gear at the moment, we are even on the Folksy Featured Page today - it's all about 'Shrooms! (and subsequently I now want to purchase every featured item on the page!!):

Hope you all enjoy the weekend!


Tuesday, 17 May 2011


Have you heard of WowThankYouWe have just recently started selling our wares on the fantastic newly revamped site. It promotes UK Crafts and Design and is a brilliant place to find unique and wonderful gifts. There are many talented people showcased on WowThankYou and we are really, really pleased to be amongst a such high standard of creations - why not pop over and take a look - 

We have also been lucky enough to be featured in the latest WowThankYou Newsletter which we are over the moon about:

Hope you are all well - it's lovely to share this great news with you!

Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Our Latest Creations!

We have been very busy of late and the Bella Bobbin store is filling up very nicely. I thought I would share with you a few pictures of the items we have been working on over the last few months / weeks. We have been feeling quite Summery of late and inspired by the Great British Seaside - 

Beach Hut Brooches

Our shop is really starting to come together and we are both really pleased with it. We will be launching our products in a new online store tomorrow (more details to come, I'm desperately trying to get everything uploaded at the moment!) and another new store in July. 

This Saturday we will be attending the Basingstoke Garden and Craft Fair, fingers crossed for nice weather, we are in a marquee but most of the event is outside so hopefully sunshine will bring visitors. Rumour has it that Alan Titchmarsh himself attended last year, so I shall be on the lookout for Gardening Celebrities with my camera at the ready!!

Monday, 18 April 2011

Easter Egg Nest Cupcakes

When I saw these lovely mini eggs in M&S I knew they deserved something far greater than being gobbled up straight away! So I set to work making them into Easter Egg Nest Cakes. Plain old fairy cake, some butter-cream icing, a grated up flake to make the twigs and a gorgeous egg on the top. Yummy! 

They didn't last long!!

Monday, 11 April 2011

Project Playhouse

Last year we bought the little Bobbins a playhouse for the back garden. I spent literally weeks shopping around, trying to get the perfect one for our budget and to suit the girls. I would have loved to have gone for a two storey mansion but safety (I didn't want to have to supervise them constantly) and Mr Bobbin putting his foot down put paid to that! 

When it eventually arrived Mr Bobbin spent hours digging up the grass and soil and laying a patio for it to sit on and then a good few more hours putting it together and this was the finished article:

The idea was to paint it, I spent hour upon hour deciding upon the colours and we went out and bought the paint. And then, well then nothing! we didn't get round to painting it at all last year.

So this weekend we finally got our act in gear and got those paintbrushes out:

And here it is! 

I wanted it to look a little bit like a beach hut, which I think it does! I have a few bits of painting to tidy up and some curtains and bunting to make. 

I have almost convinced Mr Bobbin that we need little white picket fencing around it (we have lots of the white paint left over and he's a waste not want not kind of guy!) I also need to get to the garden centre and get some pretty flowers for it. Then it's on to the interior! Not sure what I can do with such a small space but I will certainly have a go!!

Saturday, 2 April 2011

Bobbins Destash

Firstly, thank you for all your lovely comments about our stall, I really value your opinions and I know we are going in the right direction when my bloggy friends approve!

Now, what's new? Well, we have lots of lovely new items in our shop and I will dedicate a post to that very, very soon. We have also opened a "Destash Shop" called Bobbins Destash, so all you fabric addicts out there, pop over and take a look (I always feel less guilty but just as joyful buying a scrap pack of fabric!). We have 6 variations listed at the moment, with more to follow, along with other crafty surplus that is threatening to take over our craft rooms!

Click here to go to our shop!

We have had lots of lovely promotion in the last few weeks, and a few blog awards as well. I shall also be writing a separate post on these very, very soon! 

I hope you all have a great weekend!

Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Sherfield on Loddon Spring Fair

We attended the Sherfield on Loddon Spring Fair on Saturday - and what a lovely venue it was. We had a brilliant day, it was really busy and we met some lovely people. Emma and Cat @Seasonal Sales who organise the fair had done a really good job of getting high quality stalls to attend and the whole layout looked fab. Our sales weren't too shabby either! It was a real scramble to get ready for, we had sold items online in the run up so I was up to the wee hours making Birdie Lavender Cushions, Hoppity Bunnies and a new Tree and Bunting Appliqué - but it was definitely worth it! Here are some photos of the day:

We have another fair at the end of April, over the Easter Weekend, so I will be working on new items for that in the next few weeks. I also have lots of other projects that I want to get underway, we have a playhouse to paint for a start!! 

Thursday, 24 March 2011

Not enough hours in the day....

I am definitely burning the midnight oil at the moment - and then some! It's been a good few weeks for us online, the Hoppity Easter Bunnies are proving popular and my Tree and Bunting hoop is now winging it's way to its new home in Missouri. With the craft fair on Saturday I am having to kick it all up a gear to replenish the stocks! I will take lots of pictures at the fair and post them next week. So I shall leave you all now and retire to bed (it's 1am and I am very tired!), hope to have a proper catch up soon!! xx

Monday, 14 March 2011

Spring Sewing

I'm flat out sewing at the moment, so just a quick post to share with you some of the things I have been making for the craft fair (just to prove that I am actually sewing and not just swanning about like a lady of leisure!)

Easter Bunnies

Hope you all had a lovely weekend!

Thursday, 10 March 2011

That day, for no particular reason, we decided to go for a little walk.....

It would seem that Winter is finally on it's way out! It seems to have been such a long one, and I am really glad that the sun is starting to make an appearance. We are starting to venture outside more, I took the little Bobbin's on a long walk through the farm fields on Monday morning and they had a ball. We had only meant to walk to the park which is literally 30 seconds away, but like Forrest Gump we just kept right on going! They wanted to go in all directions but I thought it best to look it all up on a map before we head off next time as I can imagine getting lost with a 2.5 and 4 year old wouldn't be fun, so we stuck to the trodden path! I was quite impressed with Isabel, who is 2 and a half, walking at a good pace for an hour solid, no complaints. We haven't used the pushchair since we went to Cornwall in June last year, it became easier to let them walk than fight them into it, but I wasn't sure how she would fair on a proper adventure! I'm now tempted to sell it, though I do miss having somewhere to hang my shopping bags! I didn't have my camera on me unfortunately but I shall remember for next time. I did take some spring pictures on our trip to Winchester though, it was a lovely sunny day:

I have been trying to do as much sewing as possible this week as the craft fair is looming, it's really hard to find the time though. I'm trying to avoid late nights until a bit closer to the time, but I think I may have to start next week. Lucky I have a whole series of ER to keep me entertained in the wee hours!

Sunday, 6 March 2011

Sunday Retail Therapy

This morning we took a trip over to Winchester. I have had Cath Kidston and Joules vouchers sitting in my sewing room since November - which is an all time record for me in not rushing out and spending them straight away! I have always been very bad at saving things up for a rainy day, so I am quite impressed that I have held out until March (even though it definitely was not raining!)

Winchester was lovely in the sunshine and I took my new camera with me for it's first outdoor outing. I thought I would share with you some pictures of one of my favourite shops in this post and some outdoor spring pictures in my next post (and possibly some pictures of the goodies I got with my vouchers!).

The Hambledon - A pretty but unsuspecting exterior!
It has a really good Orla Kiely selection
I love these Swedish style prints by Japanese artist Takashi Furuya
Lots of nice kitchen bits

A really interesting selection of books - I was quite tempted by the Rob Ryan & Carol Ann Duffy book the Gift - but I resisted!

Of course my photos really don't do this shop justice, it is spread across three floors and I could have spent hours in there if the Little Bobbins hadn't been prodding absolutely everything within reach!
Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Craft Fair Prep - I will surface eventually!

With our 1st Craft Fair of the year fast approaching I have been putting the pedal to the metal on the sewing front! I am building my stock up again after a really successful Christmas and it does takes time. I thought I would share a few of my makes with you over the next few weeks. It does mean that I have been neglectful of my Feb Monthly Make but I plan to catch up with that as soon as I have the bulk of my craft fair stock completed. 

First up some more Toadstool Treasures! I had fun coming up with these little houses and then  turning them into these appliquéd hoops. I will probably attempt a few more in the coming weeks:

Best get back to it now!

Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Happy Rainy Wednesday!

Here are the creations the little Bobbin's painted yesterday - it was very messy and quite amusing to see them both concentrating so hard!

Unfortunately the bunny got dropped this morning and he is now headless and much mourned! Looks like we will be off to get some more!


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