Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Our Latest Creations!

We have been very busy of late and the Bella Bobbin store is filling up very nicely. I thought I would share with you a few pictures of the items we have been working on over the last few months / weeks. We have been feeling quite Summery of late and inspired by the Great British Seaside - 

Beach Hut Brooches

Our shop is really starting to come together and we are both really pleased with it. We will be launching our products in a new online store tomorrow (more details to come, I'm desperately trying to get everything uploaded at the moment!) and another new store in July. 

This Saturday we will be attending the Basingstoke Garden and Craft Fair, fingers crossed for nice weather, we are in a marquee but most of the event is outside so hopefully sunshine will bring visitors. Rumour has it that Alan Titchmarsh himself attended last year, so I shall be on the lookout for Gardening Celebrities with my camera at the ready!!


Saphy said...

good luck in your celeb spotting. I love your beach hut broaches!

Mary Jane's Tearoom said...

Lovely, pretty things...I love everything!
Best wishes for a lovely Easter,
Susan x

uhooi said...

It's very nice and creative,,


Cheryl said...

Your creations are adorable :-)

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