Wednesday, 29 December 2010

Quite Exciting!

I happened to be pottering about on Folksy tonight and came across this:
Please forgive me for the awful screen print!

My Jolly Gingerbread Men as a Top Pick!

I have to admit that many times I have admired the work on the Folksy Featured Items section all the time thinking, "one day, perhaps, if I'm lucky enough  - I hope that'll be me up there....sigh...." And lo and behold there my little jolly gingerbread chaps are! 

Now I know that it's not exactly winning the Nobel Peace Prize or an Academy Award but it's made me just a little bit chuffed tonight. I had to share. I will stop grinning like an idiot in a minute.
Monday, 27 December 2010

Wintry Winchester

It has been a really lovely Christmas, the girls have thoroughly enjoyed themselves and were showered with presents galore. As I sit writing this Mr.Bobbin is attempting to make balloon animals with them (an inspired present from their great auntie!) - I wish you could all see this, they are pretty unimpressed so far, tough audience! 

I was lucky enough to receive a number of things from my wish-list including two Sublime Stitching books and the gorgeous Fa La La La Felt book - I can't wait to get back into the craft room!

Today I finally managed to escape for a few hours and what a better jaunt out to recharge the batteries than a trip to Cath Kidston! Our nearest outpost is the lovely market town of Winchester which plays host to a number of my favourite shops. 

The Old Faithful!

I love all the little side streets and the fact that the beautiful Cathedral is right in the centre of the "city".

A gem of a Craft Shop - sadly closed today!
The Oldest House in Winchester
Yep - that's old!
I managed to come home LADEN with clothes for the little Bobbins and nothing more than two little fabric badges for myself which will soon be adorning the family picnic blanket!

I'm going to spend the next few days negotiating the war zone that is my craft room - the rush of orders in the run up to Christmas has taken it's toll on its usual "relative" order and tidiness. My goal is to get it back to its former glory and get some pictures taken to post so I can give you all a tour! 
Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas!! XX
Monday, 20 December 2010

Our First Ever Craft Fair!

At the end of November Bella Bobbin "unveiled" itself to the world - so to speak! We attended our first Craft Fair in our home county of Hampshire. It was a wonderful day which we had been working towards for many many months. Here are a few pictures of our stand, hopefully we will attend lots more fairs next year, it was so lovely getting to meet other crafters.

Lovely Lavender Cushions!
Jolly Gingerbread Men
Christmas Bunting and Wreaths
Pretty Pictures for Children's Rooms

Birdie Lavender Hanging Cushions

Christmas Candy Cones

Happy New Blog!

It seems an absolutely insane time of year to start my venture into the world of blogging, what with all the wrapping, sewing, guarding the presents under the tree from being sneakily freed from their festive coverings, and general munchkin maintenance that this time of year calls for. 

However, after being snowed in for what seems like the entirety of December my desire for communication with the wider world has gotten the better of me and I have taken the plunge! So here I am Blog World - do with me what you will!


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